# 9 September 24, 2019                                                                              Final Edition for 2019

In the Eighth Edition I stated that Judy McCarthy was a retired teacher.  Although she possesses a teacher’s ability to keep people in line, Judy was actually a Graphic Designer for Agriculture Canada.  While there, Judy also played softball in the Department of Agriculture Recreation Association.  Geoff Chase tells me that there are actually about 23 present day D.A.R.A. alumni playing in Ottawa 60+ SLO Pitch.  Geoff also says that true to their agriculture roots, the alumni prefer playing on grass diamonds 3 and 4 or only surfaces that cows, sheep and horses can eat.

Carleton Tavern Beer Bunch Prevail in Playoffs
After a fifth place finish in the standings with a record barely over .500, Carleton Tavern beat Hometown Sports 20-14 to win the playoffs.  Congratulations to David Fox and the Brew Crew for the win.

In the consolation round, Leslor put the mustard on Dunn’s to win 7 to 5 and claim the “Kiss Your Sister Trophy”.  Captain Hansis will now place the trophy in a closet with almost 70 years of Red Sox memorabilia.

Beryl Kelly
John Delong passes along a story about retired player Beryl Kelly who is President Steve Kelly’s mother.
“In 2004 we did have a strong team but in the championship game, the score was tied when we went to bat in the bottom of the seventh inning.  Our first batter (Ken Williams - 80+)  got on base.  The next batter was Beryl Kelly who was in her late seventies.  Seeing Beryl at the plate, the outfield moved in.  Beryl then hit a ball that went over the drawn in outfield. (George Wyman) and rolled for a triple driving in the winning run.  I’m sure that was the highlight of Beryl’s long career playing SLO Pitch.”
And I’m also sure that the jury is still out on who is the best player in the Kelly family.

The Toronto Maple Leaves of Autumn
Ken Kroeker, Ed Emond and Tommy Medaglia (aka “The Toronto Maple Leafs of Ottawa) finished second over all, after four tournaments at the super series in London.  They are off to St. George, Utah for the Huntsman World Series games in October.  These games feature many sports and many seniors, men and women, from Canada, USA and Internationally.  Rumour has it that they will make the two hour trip to Lost Wages, Nevada to get their annual Celine Dion fix.

Teresa Boucher-Miller and Gerry Lelievre


These retiring executives have been with us for a while and their support of the League has been substantial.  Tes may now seek that front office job with the Raptors while Gerry aspires to become a trash talking umpire tormentor  where he can really have some fun. We thank them both for their contribution

Out of Towners continued: The East Enders and South Enders.
Art Boudreau, who has been guarding the hot corner for over a decade in this league, has his origins in Cape Breton.  Art was voted off the island in the 70’s and then came to the Ottawa area where he now resides in Rockland.  If you ever get to 3rd base against Art’s team, you are always greeted with a smile and an upbeat greeting.  You almost feel bad for him when you score.  Boudreau is a prominent name in Cape Breton but none of them probably play 3rd base better than Art.

Down the road from Rockland you will find Ross Shortill in Cumberland.  When Ross gets up on game day, he has four directional choices.  He can go east to the pleasures of Montreal, north on the Cumberland ferry to Gatineau. or go south to avail himself of the waters of Carlsbad Springs. Ross usually chooses to go west along “Congestion Alley” to play ball at the R.A.  These East Enders are a hardy commuter bunch.

Shawn Argue and his wife and agent, Joanne, usually are among the first arrivals at the R.A. parking lot.  They start out early from their home in Embrun, which is located in the centre of a large farming  area..  Shawn and Joanne make a little extra money by monitoring conditions on corn and soybean crops on the way in, for the commodity markets.  Shawn may not be able to tell you what his batting average is, but he can bring you up to date on protein fractions, moisture content and crop levels.

Stewart Shonfield has some land in Metcalfe that he puts to good use.  Every summer he is host to a music festival his friends call Stewstock.  These “old folkies” get together every year and play all kinds of different music.  Some folks even tent overnight to get the full experience.  The things you didn’t know about Metcalfe!

Thank You
When I started this column in March in Australia, I had little idea about how it would fly.  I did get some great support from people I know and some people I didn’t know, and  therefore the evolution of “The View from Left Field” has been painless. We were prepared to do five or six columns and we ended up with nine. The following people helped make it happen and I certainly could not have done this without them.
Ron Fedoruk
When Ron and I first discussed, by email, this project, he was on board immediately which is a good thing because he is the Website Manager, Ron processes the copy and arranges things like photos and his illustrations which have really enhanced the VFLF.  The first time I saw Ron a few years ago, he was at the plate in a game batting left and swinging the bat in windmill fashion in between pitches.  At the time I thought that either the catcher and/or the umpire had farted and Ron was doing his civic duty by clearing the air.  Subsequent at bats proved that he does the spin to stay ready and possibly hypnotize the pitcher.  Ron has been a great help to me and we are lucky to have him as website manager.

Bob Donnelly
The “Eminence Grise” of the League does so many different things that there is hardly space for it.  I want to thank Bob for his support and advice over the past months and for being there for everybody.

John 'Paparazzo' Flanders
John has been our go to photo guy since the beginning.  After a long career with the Hamilton Spectator,  John lends his talents to the League in all ways photographic .  People don’t even seem to be nervous when he approaches them, and we appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm.


At the risk of leaving somebody out (for which I apologize) the following folks contributed to the column and I thank them for that.  In no particular order:  Dick Dinelle, John Delong, Ken Kroeker, Al Richman, Al Best, Judy McCarthy, Dave Tripp, Gerry Seguin , Liz Chase, Geoff Chase and Steve Kelly.

In an earlier column I stated that we are the fortunate ones to be playing this game at this stage of life.  After researching nine columns and talking to many of you, I can also state that you all are more interesting than you think you are!

All the best from Left Field

               Photos: John Flanders


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