Frank Licari Trophy Nominations

The Frank Licari Trophy is a trophy we introduced last year to be awarded to a player of the league who best displays the principles of good sportsmanship over the course of the season.

Any team member, including captains, can nominate a candidate for the award.

Nominations should describe instances of good sportsmanship displayed by the candidate. Team captains will review all submitted nominations and select a candidate to receive the award.

The Frank Licari Sportsmanship Award Criteria are based on the Sportsmanship principles contained in our 2023 Handbook as follows:

It includes enjoying yourself and encouraging enjoyment for others. It means taking responsibility for your actions, having an understanding and appreciation of the rules, recognizing and appreciating good performances, exhibiting respect for officials, and expecting proper behaviour from teammates.

It also means respecting the rights, dignity and worth of all athletes, coaches, other volunteers, the media, friends and spectators regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion or ability.

If you would like to nominate a candidate, please send an email to with the name of the person and describe instances of good sportsmanship displayed by the candidate.

Nominations will close on September 12th at the end of day. Please support our League by nominating a candidate.

Thank you
Robin Boyd (President)