Happy New Year

Hello Ballplayers
Happy 2024! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.
Winter has arrived, dashing any hopes that this would be the year that we escape it without getting frozen or buried in snow. The experts are predicting a milder than usual season and I am fine with that.
There are only 4 months left until the start of the softball season! Your League Executive team is already at work planning and preparing for the upcoming season.
Now that 2023 is over, our Treasurer, Chery Ferguson, has closed the books for the year and has prepared the Year-end Financial Statement which is attached for your reading pleasure.
I hope that everyone is returning for the 2024 season and that a few newcomers will join us for another great summer of softball and socializing.
As we prepare for the upcoming season, you will be receiving a variety of messages over the next 4 months, with the 2024 registration process starting in March.
Happy New Year to all and we’ll see you in May.
Best wishes…Robin BOYD, League President