League: Pool A

Pontiac Home Bakery


Gerry Brennan 

This is the 2nd season that the Pontiac Home Bakery is sponsoring the Ottawa 60+ Slo-Pitch League.  The Owners of the Pontiac Home Bakery have relatives that play in our League.  Make a road trip to the Shawville this summer/fall to show your appreciation for their support. 
.                                           Located at 315 Bristol St., Shawville, Quebec
.                                                              Phone: 819-647-2575
.                                              Email: pontiachomebakery@hotmail.co.
.                                          https://www.pontiachomebakery.com/en/home
.                                                 Note:  Closed on Sunday and Monday




Steve Kelly (Captain)

Ottawa 60+ Slo-Pitch would like to thank Defalco’s Brewers and Winemakers for sponsoring a team in our league over 30 years.

.                                                           Website:  defalcowines.com.