Rules Updates

2019 Playoffs
The playoff schedule has two pools of five teams, as determined by the standings. Within each pool, the teams will play a round robin series over the first five weeks. New standings within the pools will be established to determine the schedule for the final day. The top team in each pool will play for the playoff championship on Sept. 10.

Here are a few points about our rules in the playoffs:
* Most of the items are unchanged from our regular games.
* Use of spares is the same.
*Tie games are permitted, except for the final game where a League trophy is at stake. The final games will be played to a conclusion.
* For determining run differential, a maximum of seven (7) per game is allowed.
* If the visiting team has batted in the seventh inning, and the home team is ahead – then the home team has won the game and play stops.

Changes for 2019
Comments from last year have prompted the League Executive to make a few changes to our rules. The details will be summarized here in the coming weeks, and the Handbook will be revised accordingly.

1) Minimum distance for pitchers will be amended;
2) Home Run limit will be removed;
3) Baserunning rules will be revised;
4) Weaker batters will benefit by our adaption of an SPO rule for outfield positioning.

No outfielder or outfield rover may make an out at first base.
If a batted ball reaches an OF player, he/she cannot put out the batter by throwing to first base.
Note (1): this applies, regardless of where the ball is when the outfielder reaches it.
Note (2): a baserunner from first base may still be thrown out by any defender on a tag-up play.

Courtesy Runner Limit: Our rules say that players must be able to run the bases. To shorten the discussion with a runner at first base, we suggest the batter should advise the umpire before receiving a pitch. This is to emphasize that it is up to the base runner to request a runner. The limit on the number of time a runner can be used has been removed. However, a player can only serve as such a substitute runner once per game.