Rules Updates


The 2022 Handbook provides a detailed description of all game rules. The following lists slo-pitch rules considered to be important to remember especially for new players. Players are encouraged to read the Handbook for more details on our rules.

    • To avoid injury ALL PITCHERS MUST WEAR A MASK – NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. The league does NOT supply fielder’s masks so pitchers are required to supply their own mask. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE to this requirement. Should a team not have a pitcher with a fielder’s mask available another player may use the catcher’s mask in order to pitch. The League does provide a subsidy to players toward a mask purchase – see 2022 Handbook for more details.
    • A player may hit no more than one home run over the fence per game. If a player hits another home run over the fence in the game the hit will be ruled a SINGLE.
    • For male and female batters, all outfielders including outfield rovers, must stand no closer than half way between the outfield fence and the infield boundary. 
    • A batted ball that hits the pitcher will be declared a no pitch provided the pitcher attempted to avoid the ball.  
    • The infield fly rule” does not apply.
    • No outfielder or outfield rover can throw to first base to make an out.
    • Teams pitch to their own players allowing for a maximum of 4 pitches.  Foul balls are included in the 4-pitch maximum and the batter cannot bunt. 
    • A ball that is batted and hits home plate, the ball is considered to be fair if it remains in the field of play.
    • Baserunners cannot overrun the bases except for first base.  
    • Runners to first base must touch the orange part of the bag or be called out but may touch the white portion if there is no play at first and the runner heads to second base.
    • Every play on a runner at any base is still a “force play”.  There is no need for the defender to “tag” the runner if the defender has the ball clearly in possession and is touching some portion of the base or plate. Base runners may be tagged between bases.
    • There is a commitment line for players running from third base to home and runners cannot touch home plate but instead must cross the safe line. The runner will be called out if home plate is touched.
    • No player shall sit out twice before all other players have sat out once.