Selects History

The All-Star Selects Team played from 1997 to 2017 Frank Donnelly recognized that, although the main goal of the Ottawa 60+ Slo-Pitch League is to provide recreational softball for its members, some players (both male and female) wish to play at a more competitive level. The Selects Team chosen was from among League members, to play in exhibition games or tournaments with teams outside of our League. Frank became the first manager of the Selects and was succeeded by Merv Montroy. For many years, the Selects played a friendly tournament against a team from Rochester, N.Y., alternating between Ottawa and Rochester.

Financial support for the Selects Team was outside of the regular League budget, primarily provided by the proceeds of a weekly 50/50 draw.  Fees paid by members to the League are not used for this purpose.


FRONT ROW: Geoff Chase, David Fox (manager), Steven Rozak, Marlen Landry
BACK ROW: Tim Brophy, Pat Fish, Dan Stankovic, Jim McLachlan, Robin Boyd, Les Nalezinski, Bill Carkner , Shawn Argue, Brian Sallie, Ed Emond, Gerry Brennan

Selects Tournament, July 8-9, 2017
The Ottawa Capitals won the tournament with the Selects taking the Consolation title.
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Left to right: Tom Medaglia, Larry Lyonnais, Mac MacDonald, Bill Healy, Les Nalezinski, Dave Tripp (captain), Ed Emond, Pat Fish, Geoff Chase (assistant captain), David Fox (manager)
Absent are: Brain Sallie, Bryan Ferguson, Gerry Brennan


Front Row: Bryan Ferguson, Dave Tripp, Captain, Geoff Chase, Co-Captain, Edward Emond
Middle Row: David Fox, Manager, Gord Rowlee, Bill Healy, Brian Sallie, Mac MacDonald, Tom Medaglia
Back Row: Jim Claydon, Larry Lyonnais, Pat Fish

Selects vs. Rochester – 2015
Selects vs. Kingston – 2015


Front Row: Geoff Chase, Mike Pitre, Dave Tripp – C, Pat Fish
Back Row: Tom Medaglia, Mac MacDonald, Brian Sallie, Edward Emond, Jim Claydon, Bill Healy, Gord Rowlee, Larry Lyonnais, David Fox – Team Mgr

Selects vs. Rochester – 2014


Front row: Mike Petrie, Gord Rowlee, Paul Brisson, Dave Tripp – C, Gerry Seguin, Jim Claydon, Bill Healy
Back Row: Tom Medaglia, Larry Lyonnais, Rob McKibbon, Al Best, Dick Dinelle, Peter Schryburt – GM, Geoff Chase – Co-C, Mac MacDonald

Selects vs. Rochester – 2013
Selects Photos – 2013


Selects vs. Rochester – 2012
Selects Photos – 2012


Front Row: Gerry Séguin, Paul Brisson, John Delong – C, Dave Tripp – Co-C, Monica McGahey
Back Row: Jean-Marc Deschênes, Gord Rowlee, Dick Dinelle, Liz Chase, Brian Sallie, Jack Gould, Rob McKibbon
Missing: Tom Medaglia, Marcel Carriere, Peter Schryburt – Mgr

Selects vs. Rochester – 2011
Selects vs. Rochester – 2010
Selects vs. Rochester – 2009
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